Torchmodders Redux

First of all, a big “thank you” to our new host who are now graciously hosting the torchmodders domain since July 2020. With the dwindling number of active Torchlight modders it was becoming increasingly difficult to source the funds for site hosting. But Moddrop offered to host us and we are happy to be here 😀 . There are very good things on the horizon for modders and Moddrop!

Nowadays we have more interaction on our discord server and we’ve moved over both the Torchmodders forums and the wiki to our new host. The wiki is still editable by members, but the forums have been locked so no new posts or new members although all previous posts are still available for browsing. This is because we now do very little modding that needs a forum structure to support multi-modder coordination. But we wanted to make sure no forum content was lost because it still contains a lot of useful modding knowledge, and the wiki can still grow as long as there are torchmodders still around to care for it.