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Author Topic: I need some help merging 2 simple mods that both contain GLOBALS.DAT files  (Read 1299 times)

Offline Konstantinos

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Hello modders, I'm new to modding and have zero technical knowledge. I have been toying with GUTS trying to merge some mods in order to overcome the rediculous 10 mod limit but, as expected I have come into issues.

I would like to merge the following two mods, both are using GLOBALS.DAT so I end up overwritting one or the other:

Can someone help me merge those two mods together without losing their functionality? Thanks in advance! :)

Offline Phanjam

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hi @Konstantinos welcome to the forums. i can tell from your line of questioning that you are Demarki from the Runic discord ;)

As i mentioned in our discord PMs, for the globals.dat file it is a matter of seeing the chnages made by the mods you want to merge, and then making sure all those changes are copied into the globals.dat that will be in your merge-mod.

For globals.dat it's actually not difficult at all, but what makes it seem hard is that the file is 700+ lines long. To spare yourself the agony of searching for changes line-by-line (and to save your eyesight) it really helps to use a "file differential" tool so you can see the changes from a mod right away.  Here is a sample image of the changes to globals.dat from the "zoomy lite" mod (vanilla on the left, zoomy on the right)...

The diff tool is winmerge ( I am not an expert on how to use it, I just use it to quickly see the changes and then do the rest of the work in notepad++ (which, as i mentioned, you really want to get if youre going to be doing more modding).

So you would keep doing this search for each mod that wants to change globals.dat (or whichever file actually) looking for similar changed lines.  Then make a copy of vanilla globals.dat, open it in your text editor, manually change the lines you noted in the searches and then use your newly edited globals.dat file in your merge-mod.

Feel free to ask in the discord as well (the link is in the righthand panel of this page, under the shoutbox) ;)


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