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Author Topic: Request: Create a New Class  (Read 2737 times)

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Request: Create a New Class
« on: May 05, 2018, 04:13:59 am »
Need a new class that can provide a new sensation in playing Torchlight II.

New Class Idea:

- Class Star Wars, a class with capabilities to be like StarWars Fighters (Jedi / Sith).

- Class Blue Mage, a class with the ability to use "Enemy Skills" (the skill of the defeated enemy). To unlock skills you have to defeat certain enemies and with a certain amount (Ideas from Final Fantasy Tactic).

As an example; if you defeat "Archer Rat" in a certain amount you will unlock the skill that the Archer Rat is used "Flame Arrow" (Archery with fire and make the area around burned).

- Class Anti Magic, a class without the ability to use Magic (MP: 0). To use skill, he depends on the charge that he has collected, similar to Emberblade class. There is a skill where he can enter Berserk / Dark mode if the Charge Bar is fully loaded. And there is a skill that can only be used in Berserk / Dark mode, where the skill uses HP as its power.

Because this class can not use Magic (MP), giving the status point on focus can provide greater magic attack resistance and also has the ability to % chance to reflect and % absorb magic attacks (absorbing energy to charge the Charge Bar).

This idea comes from:
I recently read manga and watched the anime "Black Clover". I imagine if there is a Class like the main character "Asta" where he can not use magic and do not have Mana. Instead he has two swords that have the power to reflect magic and absorb magic. He himself has the power of Devil Blood where he is like being berserk. Besides his physical he is also very strong have a strong endurance.
I wish this class could have developed a class with weapons that he had (more like a Monk class, which can only use the original weapon). :P

I hope from this anime can give an idea to create a new Class and a new Skill. Because so many interesting things from this Anime that can be an idea to make new class, weapon, skill, etc. :D

And there's another interesting part of this Anime, where the Wizards use the Book as a weapon. I think if this can make a book weapon, maybe it can be put into Wand Type. If it could also possibly be developed with Crystal Ball weapons. ;D
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