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Author Topic: [Abandoned]Activating Events from a Conversation/UI  (Read 1883 times)

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[Abandoned]Activating Events from a Conversation/UI
« on: January 03, 2015, 08:52:40 pm »
[Abandoned Jan 7th, 2015] I've decided to nix this feature from my mod.  The following post remains in case anyone ever figures it out and decides to answer it.

Hi all,

I want to know if anyone knows how to make this work.  What I'm trying to do is implement conversation choices that make events happen in the dungeon level.  For example, in the current dungeon I'm working on I'm attempting to give players the opportunity to intimidate or persuade NPCs.  On a failed intimidate check, I want the NPC to call for backup.  That is, I want a unit spawner to activate.

I'm using a UI menu for the conversation interface.  This allows me to perform stat checks.

The problem is I can't find any logic items that are allowed in the UI scene that will properly activate objects in the level layout.  Unit spawners aren't allowed in the UI.  I've tried using the stat operator to add a stat to the player that is a requisite for the activation of a spawn point, but it doesn't seem to be applying the stat.

Anyone with any advice on this topic?
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