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August 21, 2019, 02:31:58 AM

Author Topic: Lord Nyriox's Blog  (Read 2704 times)

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Lord Nyriox's Blog
« on: January 12, 2019, 05:52:43 PM »
Lord Nyriox's Modding Blog

This is a thread to post random thoughts and ideas I have while modding. 

Unlike my other threads, this topic has no single main subject.  So feel free to reply with whatever thoughts you may have.

Please note, however, that I reserve the right to move or delete any comments on this thread, as I see fit. 

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Re: Emberdrake Blog
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2019, 06:28:37 PM »
The Emberdrake V2 project is underway, though progress is slower than I would like.

Currently, I am building the class on top of @Chthon's "Lesser Dragons" mod, with the intent of expanding and repurposing all the elemental skills presented in that mod. 

Most likely, I will choose my favorite element for each skill, after I have tried them all.

This time around, I will save my actual Charge-system implementation for last (though I do have a workable lore-inspired concept).  I have already designed the texture-sheet for the Charge-bar graphic, however.

I am not yet certain how I will manage the "growth" effect (automatically scaling model size as the Emberdrake levels)熔r even if it is possible the way I am thinking of it. 

As a fallback, I may simply implement a passive skill with 100 skill-levels, each level with a slightly bigger model-size.  It all depends on how "repeatable" a given "TYPE:Scale" effect will be.

Now that I have found Ordrak's skill-files in the TL2 beta media (yes, I finally managed to hunt that down), I will definitely adapt those skills for the second-generation Emberdrake.  (Replacing Dragonkin with Gargoyles, among other tweaks.)

The current project notes for the v2 Emberdrake are below, in case anything turns out to be interesting.

Quote from: Project Notes
Emberdrake v2 Project Notes
TL2:  Emberdrake 

Theme:  Firedrake Alchemist
Update concept: 
* Scholars tell us that dragons are all but gone from the world.  That long ago, after the dwarves died out, a cult of Estherian zealots found enchained dragons謡hich the dwarves had once used as a source of magic預nd in a twisted sort of worship, fed them tainted Ember, turning the dragons mad with corruption. When these maddened dragons inevitably became too dangerous to keep, the Estherians slaughtered them, leaving only the revenants now known as Spectral Dragons. 
* Yet the number of Spectral Dragons is not nearly enough to account for all the dragons supposedly enchained.  Whether this is due simply to the continuous efforts of dogged adventurers over the years, or the survival of one or more tainted dragons, no one can say葉hough considering the latter possibility is enough to chill even the hardiest of adventurers.
* Until the turmoil in the town of Torchlight, most would indeed call the dragons endangered, if not outright extinct.  Certainly until that point, no one had seen a living dragon for years熔r at least no one who lived to tell about it. 
* Since the fall of Ordrak however, more than one report has spoken of strange, twisted dragons lurking in the Ironwood Forest, east of Grunnheim. 
* When attacked, these dragons would defend themselves with both martial skill and powerful magic, before slipping from combat though enchanted portals.  When spoken to, these dragons would respond briefly in the common tongue, then leave abruptly to unknown business. 
* Given the region and timing of these creatures' appearance, more than one scholar has suggested that these dragons may be searching for Ordrak's remains葉hough to what purpose most hesitate to guess.
* Given the evident similarity between these dragons' abilities and the power of alchemy, official reports have come to call these dragons "Emberdrakes"預nd at present, they are considered a neutral, rather than hostile, force.  Whether they manage to prove otherwise, only time will tell.
    - On Emberdrakes, unknown author


New Charge concept:  Health vs. Mana
* At ~0% Charge, boost passive Health regeneration.
* At ~100% Charge, boost passive Mana regeneration.
    * Also active Mana Steal.
* Make Charge skill investable.
    * Add comma-separated "Effect Level" to the Affixes' StatModifyName tags.

New Passive effect:  Armor Fix v2
* Integrate @Chthon's second-generation Armor Fix passive.

New Passive effect:  Growth
* Link model-scale to character level.
* Either passively use "StatModifyName" of character level as a modifier for the Scale effect, or add a Triggerable which boosts size on level-up.

New Passive effect:  Invincibility
* Drain all Charge and Mana, as penalty.
* Add a Triggerable that operates at Health=1.
    * SUBTYPE:  GotHit.
    * Cooldown:  10000 MS.
    * StatWatcher:  HP.
    * Affix:  Set Charge, negative Mana regeneration.

New Skill-set design:
* To better fit the spirit of a "dragon mage", use @Chthon's Lesser Dragons as a base for the updated Skill-tree, then add Ordrak, Firedrake, and Alchemist skills as needed.  Finalize with class passives, and General Passives.
* Make all Skills go up to 30 points, rather than 15-25.

New Charge-bar UI:
* Boss Health-bar, with middle section extended to 2-3 times the original length.
* Text in the center should report Charge %.
* In the left jaws should be a ruby; in the right jaws, a sapphire.
* The fill-bar should be purple.



Add / rework skills:

Noxious Blast Spit a glob of deadly acid, which eats through your foes.
* Adjust to fire from jaw (head attaches to the nose). 

Soulquake (Doomquake)
* Adapt "Wand Chaos" code to randomize triggered "Doomquake" variant.

Fusion Gate (Recombiner) Summon an unstable portal that bends space around objects that enter it. 
* REQUIREMENTS_DESCRIPTION:  Any items still inside when the gate collapses will be lost forever.
* 30 second duration? 
* Miniature portal.
* Unlocked by "Master of Alchemy".

Conjure Item (@doudley's Random Item) Summon an item from an unknown location.

Consume Magic (Disenchant) Consume the Ember from any item, restoring your Mana and increasing your power.
* Have a "Cast Skill" Affix linked to the main ability, with a low chance of triggering one or more of several possible permanent stat boosts.
* Each level of the main skill should increase the chance of gaining a permanent stat, and each Tier should grant a small chance of Ember (Tier3 should grant a chance for Gold).
* Skill should be baseline.

Soar (Soar animation, looping) Soar gracefully through the air, increasing movement speed.
* Have both a speed bonus and a dodge bonus while active.
* Start from "special_takeoff", loop through "soar", end at "land_spawn".
* Requires "Deadly Wind".
* Unlocks "Sandstorm".

Flight Phase Swoop through nether space to reach your destination, dealing damage as you land.
* Requires "Soar".
* Unlocks "Waypoint Portal".



     DragonDawn#2324:  I also have an idea for a skill. It slightly increases all base stats and moderately increases actual model size the more you invest. I imagine it would be called something like "Maturity".

Can you put in the size growth effect without actual buffs say as a side effect of experience and/or fame level up?

     LordNyriox:  Possibly.  I might be able to link "growth" to one or more Stats as some kind of passive Effectbut I really do not want to.  The Emberdrake is clipping through walls as it is.

[Possibility #2:  Use a Triggerable linked to Level-Up, with a resize Effect.]


The signature Skill of my Emberdrake class is a flight-themed teleport.  Because it is flight-themed, it ignores both Line-of-Sight and Pathability, in addition to having a ridiculous range (64 to 128). 

I admit that kind of Skill also causes other problems, if my experience with the TL1 Vindicator's teleport (which only ignores Pathability) is any indication. 


~~On Event `Player HP=1`:~~

~~Apply Affix, setting `Player Mana=0` and `Player Charge=0%`.~~

~~I honestly do not know what event filters Triggerables support.~~

**EDIT:**  Yep, I am indeed deluding myself.  I just checked the Triggerable event handlers in GUTS, as well as researched online.

The best I can probably do is add a StatWatcher to the Triggerable (something suggested in the Runic wiki), which should prevent the Affix itself from applying, unless HP=1.  The Triggerable itself will have to use "`SUBTYPE:GOTHIT`". 

Therefore, the updated Triggerable must be:

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Re: Ultra Respec Blog
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2019, 06:42:55 PM »
The Ultra Respec project is also underway, though significant refinement remains to be made.

One of the ideas I am toying around with, is using StatModifyName and StatModifyPercent to automate Stat redistribution at the Effect level.  If it works, a 1-click full reset of all Stat-points may actually be possible.

TESTED.  Unfortunately, it did not work the way I hoped it would.

Quote from: Project Notes
Ultra Respec Project Notes
Name:  "Ultra Respec"
Type:  Expansion of "Ultimate Respec Lite"

* Rebuild from original Ultimate Respec.
    * Preserve original class handlers, but integrate the Generic mode from "Lite" as a fallback.
    * Include @doudley's Aura tweaks.

* Change the Skills button into a "Reset All Stats" button.
    * Auto-pressing button Logic.
    * Press each negative button (if enabled), from greatest value to lowest.
    * Study @doudley's examples (auto-spend Stat points?) to determine how to proceed.

* Move Skills to a second tab (@doudley's "respec all" variant).
    * Copy @lyravega's "Full Respec" sub-pane, in place of the warning message.
        * Re-label the button "Remove All".
        * Change the button to trigger the same looping auto-press Logic (but for Skill respec instead).

* Statpoint Purchasing feature:
    * Based on the precedent set by "Light's Stat Potion", 1 Stat-Point should cost 10,000 Gold.
        * Therefore, 10 Stat-Points should cost 100,000 Gold, and 100 Stat-Points should cost 1,000,000 Gold. 
    * Perhaps simply integrate an enhanced "Light's Stat Potion"?
        * "Light's Stat Tonic" (+1 Stat-point).
        * "Light's Stat Elixir" (+10 Stat-points).
        * "Light's Stat Infusion" (+100 Stat-points).

* Test out "Full Restat" potions.
    1. "Award StatPoint" linked to 99% of a Stat.
    2. "Permanent <Stat>" linked to -99% of the same Stat.

* Test out "Distribute All" potions.
    1. "Permanent <Stat>" linked to 25% of available StatPoints, with duplicates for each Stat.
    2. "Award StatPoint" linked to -100% of available StatPoints.
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Re: Lazarus Pack Blog
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2019, 06:55:19 PM »
I have a lot of ideas for the Lazarus Pack, but quite frankly it is one of my most ambitious projects.

There are 2 ideas I plan on experimenting with, in the short term.

Idea 1, is making a pet Unit that inherits NPC UnitType properties (which may be a more reliable way of making my Clockwork Cube idea work).

Idea 2, is recreating the D2 style of Rejuvenation Potions.  (Instant regeneration of Health+Mana, at a percentage of max, rather than a fixed amount over time.)

Quote from: Project Notes
Lazarus Pack Project Notes
TL2:  Lazarus

* Add "Zodiac Facet" gem. 
    * +3 to all Attributes. 
    * +3% to all Attributes.
* Add Runes and Runewords. 
    * Each Rune and Runeword should have the same stats as its D2 equivalent.
        * Skip the Skills, though.
    * Runewords should be transmuted from the runes, and have a custom Affix that adds the proper name-prefix to the socketed items. 
* Add a "Horadric Cube" item. 
    * Try using the "Transmuter Expansion" inventory/UI. 
        * Debug the Despawn mechanic.
* Add recipes for Portal/Identify Spells. 
    * Should require a full stack of Tomes.
* Add D1 Items:
    *   Elixirs:
        * Elixir of Clumsiness: -1 Dexterity
        * Elixir of Weakness: -1 Strength
        * Elixir of Disillusion:  -1 Focus
        * Spectral Elixir: +3 to All Stats
        * Elixir of Vitality:  +1 Vitality, 100% Health Restored
        * Elixir of Focus:  +1 Focus, 100% Mana Restored
* Add D2 Quest Rewards.
    * Black Bible:
        * +5 Stat points
        * Description:  "Contains powerful secrets of a forgotten religion."
* Add high-level ultra-rare Elixirs:
    * Ambrosia (+500 max health)
        * 100% Health Restored
        * Transmuted: Elixir of Life, Elixir of Vitality, Sweet-Aide, and Axe Ray.
    * Nectar (+200 max mana)
        * 100% Mana Restored
        * Transmuted: Elixir of Mana, Elixir of Focus, Sweet-Aide, and Glowshark.
* Add "Midas Bank", with a "Goldfish Shrine" in the center of the clockwork platform, and ATMs around it. 
    * The shrine should withdraw an amount of money equivalent to Goldfish' selling price (adjusted for Barter VI).
    * Perhaps simply add a "Gold Smelter" object into town (resulting in gold bars?). 
* Convert Portal and Identify Spells into unlimited-use scrolls.
    * Leave the names and icons the same, but convert the items to use the appropriate "scroll" UnitTypes.
* Add "Stash Scrolls" (with unlimited-use variants called "Box of Holding", or something similar.
* Add "Ancient Rejuvenation Potion" that restores Health and Mana by percentages.
    * Restores 35% Health and Mana.
    * Full Rejuvenation Potion: Restores 80% Health and Mana.
* Add "Healing Charm" and "Mana Charm".
    * Reusable Level-1 potions.
    * Should look like Ember.
* Add "Golden Elixir".
    * D1 Quest reward.
    * Effect:  Cleanses "Ember Blight".
        * -10% Max Mana
        * +10 Focus
* Add "Philosopher's Stone".
    * Reusable "Disenchant" scroll.
    * Icon: gem-box.
    * Ember Chance: 10, Gold Chance: 80.
* Add @lyravega's  "Gem Box".
    * Try changing the UnitType to "Trinket".
    * Try finding a better icon.

* Add testing items "Experimental Elixir of Strength" (etc.).
    * Configure Effect stats as ranges, rather than static values.
    * Min=1, Max=5
    * Load into starting SpawnClass for testing.

* Add testing items "Scaling Elixir of Strength" (etc.).
    * Configure Effects with a StatModifyName tag linked to the player's appropriate base stat value.
    * Load into starting SpawnClass for testing.


There is a reason why I stipulated that only __small mods__ will be included in the Lazarus Pack.

Individual pets, vanilla-compatible items, the odd NPC, several transmutation recipes, and similarly non-invasive features, are the specialty of the Lazarus Pack.

This is more about quality-of-life and richness of content, than the addition of dungeons or complicated mechanics.  "Emberfiend" is not on the menu, and neither is "Solitude Ruins".

Any global rebalancing mod, will likewise be left out.  I included "Gold Exchange" (an ancient TL2 PAK mod), but avoided the "Goldfish Exchange" despite its popularity.


Basic +1 Elixirs:
* Elixir of Strength
* Elixir of Dexterity
* Elixir of Focus
* Elixir of Vitality
* Elixir of Life  (+20 max health)
* Elixir of Energy  (+10 max Mana)

Basic -1 (Penalty) Elixirs:
* Elixir of Weakness (-1 Strength)
* Elixir of Clumsiness (-1 Dexterity)
* Elixir of Distraction (-1 Focus)
* Elixir of Frailty (-1 Vitality)
* Elixir of Death (-20 max health)
* Elixir of Enervation (-10 max Mana)

From the "Elixirs of Power" mod:
* Elixir of Power (+1 Stat-point)
* Elixir of Great Power (+3 Stat-points)
* Elixir of Wondrous Power (+5 Stat-points)

From Vanilla TL1 (fishing):
* Magmamouth Bass (+1 Strength)
* Blind Eel (+1 Dexterity)
* Glowshark (+1 Focus)
* Axe Ray (+1 Vitality)

Miscellaneous Elixirs:
* Brom's Roughhide Tonic (+2 Vitality). 
    * TL1 quest reward.
* Spectral Elixir (+3 to each main Stat).  D1 quest reward.
* Scroll of Resistance (+10 to all Elemental Armors). 
    * D2-LoD quest reward.
* Token of Respec (respec scroll with `USES:0`). 
    * Inspired by D2 consumable "Token of Absolution" item.


**The Dark Ember is in progress!**

I am now planning on integrating a fully functional Ordrak into the #lazarus_pack, complete with his original skills (copied from the TL2 beta). 

While I am at it, I will put some `[AI]` StatWatchers into Ordrak's unit file, to regulate his usage of special abilities.

His summoning, in particular, needs to slow downa lot.  Those flash floods of summoned "Dragonkin" monsters擁mmediately followed by a tidal wave of sacrifices様ag the game to oblivion.

Regarding the changes:
* The "`OrdrakKillHeal`" skill should not start being used until Ordrak has lost a significant chunk of his health.  Perhaps it should be enabled when Ordrak is at 25% health?
* The Dragonkin summoning skill should still be impressive, but it should not fill more space than the screen can fit.  Perhaps it should be disabled if there are currently more than 10 summoned units?
* The Ember-hoarding Ordrak should drop 15 or more gems per kill.


I have decided to try and merge the "Gold Sharing Service" mod from TL1.

I will change it to use the clockwork platform from the Mapworks, and change the lecterns to use the "automaton" model.

Link to the original mod:  [<>]

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Re: Emberdrake Blog
« Reply #4 on: January 16, 2019, 07:18:27 AM »
I ended up spending most of the day rebuilding the Emberdrakes's textures from scratch.

This time around, I used a very different technique to set up the "base" texture (before repainting it in Ostagram).

Consequently, the textures are considerably less ugly looking (they actually look more or less natural now).

These should do very well for the Emberdrake's second iteration.
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