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Lord Nyriox's Playground / [EXPERIMENT] Negative Quest Bonuses
« on: August 14, 2018, 09:38:37 am »

MODERATOR NOTE:  Topic split from "[TL2] Ultimate Respec Lite".

To see the results of the experiment, click here.

I don't think there's a way to add direct skill points unless cheated. Maybe an item that can give fame...I'm not sure.

Although it is very possible to make a UI that award stat points and simultaneously deduct money from your character. But I'm not sure how I feel about that, especially there are potions that does that already.

Mod Showcase / Merge Requests: Exclusive to doudley's mods
« on: August 09, 2017, 03:26:28 am »
Arcane and Bestiary + Indicators Premium + Auto Consume + Enchantable Pet Accessories

UI + Equipment Slots Overhaul with Brother-in-Arms Compatibility but no new crit effect

Mod Showcase / Arcane and Bestiary mod
« on: July 03, 2017, 12:51:40 pm »

A modification to the Arcane Stats Panel, making it a dual purpose journal for the arcane and bestiary by adding new stats and creature types killled entries. Each entry but not all has its own artwork and/or lore.

New stats like "Critters Squished" are from Unearthed Arcana mod by DeeZire.

Creatures from Synergies, Human Enemies, and Logan's Gifts are fully supported.

Special support to Darkthan's Path of Torchlight and its Part 2, including both mod's unique creatures. New bestiary artworks added!

This modification is also included in my Torchlight II UI mod.

Artworks and Lores are from or based on the works by
Monsters of Torchlight II
Torchlight 2 Creatures
Michael Franchina
Kyle Cornelius

Mod Icon is based from


Variant custom classes has been fruitful already, native classes has Skills Expansion on the works, what's missing now, is for the PETS!

Here's the thing, there's a request for a merge of HackNSlash Pets and Monster Hero Pets. I though it was a simple work but turns out to be too complicated, sadly I cannot fulfill it...but instead, it motivates me to continue on working at the original plan to make an ultimate pet mod!

My proposal is, I'll incorporate those two mods to this planned pet expansion mod, there's also a request for a remod of pet shop, so I'll incorporate that system too. By this way, I'll hit 3 birds in 1 stone. But the projects completion would take weeks or months (depending on my availability of course), although I'm sure I will work on it until its published.

The pet expansion mod will be created on my own vision of the pets, so expect it to be unique on its own way.

Here's my draft of what to expect:
  • All workable custom pet mods in the workshop will be included, on top of that I will ensure that all monsters in the game can be used as pets! (Humanoids are exemption)
  • Pets will be categorized as Domestic and Wild
  • Domestic Pets are ones that have Generic stats (has no skill and attribute enhancement)
  • Wild Pets are ones that have Special stats (has skills and attribute enhancements)
  • Domestic Pets will be composed of animals and common monsters
  • Wild Pets will be composed of custom models, champions, and bosses.
  • Domestic Pets are the ones can be chosen in the character selection screen
  • You can have domestic pets up to four (just like in pet shop mod) by summoning the other 3
  • Wild pets can only be accessed thru fishes (duration are categorized as Short, Long, and Permanent), this will make the fishing function be fun again!
  • How to make it fun? By dividing each Wild Pet to three: Short types are powerful (like throwing a bomb at your surroundings), Long Types are semi-powerful, and Perma Types are like domestic pets but with special stats.
  • These new fishes will be categorized as so, using only 3 new fish icons, 1 for each category. To minimize the hassle :P ...but all pets will have their own pet portraits!
  • One merchant to handle all your pet needs
  • The merchant can give you Domestic Pet transformations and summons
I think this project will be my ultimate contribution to the community. I think it will serve as an essential piece on why TL2 is above other dungeon crawling genre and why TL2 pet system is a game changer.

Anyone who's interested are free to join me on this quest, my head has already some of the technicalities worked out, so it's not going to be an impossibility that's for sure! :D

Skills Expansion Mod / Skills Expansion: Added Native Skills
« on: May 18, 2017, 12:51:25 am »
Phase 3 of this mod project.

Idea is to add 2 skills on each class skill tree, to form a full 12 Slot skills.

This project will include:

Phase 1 of this mod project.

The idea is to allow access to other weapon types on skills that are weapon-specific.

These are the skills that already been expanded:

  • Akimbo can be used by any dual wielding weapon
  • Arc Beam can be used by any weapon (looks weird on pistol, bow, or cannon)
  • Blast Cannon can be used by a cannon or shotgonne
  • Chaos Burst can now be used by any ranged weapon type
  • Cold Steel Mastery changed to Cold Storm Mastery with ice and electric damage bonuses that requires any weapon to use
  • Emberquake can now be used by any melee weapon type (looks weird on fist)
  • Flame Hammer can now be used by any melee weapon type (looks weird on fist)
  • Fusillade can now be used by a Cannon or Shotgonne (looks weird on shotgonne)
  • Heavy Lifting can be used by any short ranged two handed weapon
  • Rapid Fire can now be used by any ranged weapon type (looks weird on cannon or wand)
  • Shadow Shot can be used by any ranged weapon (also by a staff if LAO III mod is in load order)
  • Shadowbind can be used by any weapon to trigger
  • Shadowling Ammo changed to Shadowling Oil that requires any weapon to use
  • Shotgonne Mastery changed to Blind Mastery that requires any short ranged two handed weapon to use
  • Shred Armor can affect any weapon attacks
  • Staff Mastery changed to Loss Mastery that requires any weapon to use
  • Stormclaw can be used by any weapon (including ranged weapons)
  • Super Charge can be used by any weapon (including ranged weapons)
  • Sword and Board changed to Ward of Board that only requires a shield
  • Tangling Shot can be used by any ranged weapon (also by a staff if LAO III mod is in load order)
  • Venomous Hall can now be used by any ranged weapon type (looks weird on cannon or wand)
  • Wand Chaos changed to Weapon Chaos that requires any weapon to use

Skills Expansion Mod / Skills Expansion: Mod Intro
« on: May 16, 2017, 10:11:25 am »
[Currently in-production of Version 2]

The original game only allows 30 skills per class between the four classes and not enough diversity of intended styles.

This mod changes all of that as it now allows 52 skills per class (and we eventually seek to increase this to 60 skills).

Respect is given towards the original game balance and class individuality as this does not allow all game skills to be accessed, rather it is an expansion of desired builds that are otherwise not possible without 5 skill trees per class, expanded weapon requirements and added tiers towards passive skills.

One skill tree is shared from other classes similar skills and another tree is a generally accessible selection of useful passives for all class builds.

Overall skill expansion will make new builds a reality within class themed boundaries that were only dreamed of before!

  • Engineers will now have more Electric options!
  • Berserkers will now have more Ice options!
  • Outlanders will now have more Fire options!
  • Embermages will now have more Poison options!
  • All Classes will now have access to useful boosts!
  • All Builds will now have more viability with reasonable rebalancing!
  • More Weapon Builds will now be possible across all Classes!

General Passives DSP
By: Quelex

Tiered Passives
By: shortswordsmanfromthewest

Both Authors have given us permission to use their mods, full credits to them and should be given to their work. Please rate their works if you can.

  • Rebalance some skill effects (specially if requested)
  • Vanilla skills enhancement and rebalance some more
  • 2 Additional Skills to be included on each skill tree to make 12 skills in total

Past Documentation

Modding Questions / Keymapping: What's the key strings for Arrow Keys?
« on: April 23, 2017, 01:07:25 pm »
I wan't to use the arrow keys for my new project and I can't figure out the right "word" to use.

I already tried "LEFT ARROW", "LEFT", "LEFTARROW".....

Return is "RETURN" same as what you would see if you manually keybind the "RETURN" key in-game but arrow keys are different. In-game, it shows "Left Arrow" but I tried that and doesn't work on keymapping.

Please help.

Hey guys! Anyone have encountered this particular error?
Code: [Select]
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'Ogre::ItemIdentityException'
  what():  OGRE EXCEPTION(5:ItemIdentityException): Cannot determine pixel format in DDSCodec::convertPixelFormat at /builddir/Torchlight2/ogre170/OgreMain/src/OgreDDSCodec.cpp (line 429)
Can anyone give a solution on how I could make a mod compatible with Linux OS?

Modding Discussions / Spawnclass Renaming Technique - Known or Not?
« on: March 30, 2017, 09:36:29 am »
Hi guys! (My first topic ;D)

While working on my Potion of Insight mod and discussing merchant option with @Aherin, I found out that there's an easy way to add merchant's stock without modifying original game content. Its a breakthrough news for me but I don't know about you guys...

Initially (for a long time now), my perception in data overriding/mod load order is like this

Mod A changes the "Catacombs_EchoPass" Spawn Class to only spawn Skeletons.
Mod B changes the "Catacombs_EchoPass" Spawn Class to only spawn Zombies and also alters the lighting to be pink in the "DefiledCrypt" Level Rule Set.

If Mod A is higher than Mod B in the Selected Mod Order list in the Mod Launcher then Skeletons will appear in the Defiled Crypt and the lighting will be pink. If Mod B is higher then Zombies will appear and the lighting will be pink. At no point will both Skeletons and Zombies appear as the edited Spawn Class files from each mod are not combined, but regardless of mod order the pink lighting in Defiled Crypt from Mod B will be used as there was no conflict with it.

Now I found out its not simply so and there's a non-conflict way, it was already pointed out by my long time idol in modding, lyravega.

Here's his explanation about this.

Quote from: lyravega
Ignore the previous stuff. Apparently, AG already found a sweeter and easier way.

Lets say, we are trying to add stuff to MERCHANT_GENERAL_INVENTORY spawn class. Create a new spawn class, and call it whatever you want (but not anything that is being used in the game or any mod, simplest example is calling it after your mod for example). In this spawn class, one thing has to be same with MERCHANT_GENERAL_INVENTORY, and it is the name.

So, your file should look like this:
Code: [Select]
     (stuff that your mod adds are below)

So, yeah. Only the name string has to match, and file name(s) should be unique. Anyone used the project stuff before, if you delete the MOD_GENERAL_INVENTORY.DAT from your mods, and change the name string in your spawn classes to "MERCHANT_GENERAL_INVENTORY", you'll effectively add your stuff to that spawn class. I'm moving the entire post to 2nd post, and marking all as spoiler.

That's it guys! :)

Say Hello / A commemorative hello
« on: March 15, 2017, 10:54:14 am »
Before I begin, I wanted to thank @Phanjam for introducing me to this site and somehow trying to introduce me too with the community, although I failed to get the hints early on, so for that I'm sorry. Sadly I just lack the skills to be social in general.

I also want to point out that this is my first time seeing this portion of the forums, I'm kind of unfocused when it comes to these things. :P

At first, I was anxious to post anything here at Torchmodders' forums, seeing all the known names of TL2 modders is a bit overwhelming. But the longer I browse here, the better I'm recognizing familiar names at RGF, like @gytfunke for one, looking back to my RGF's posts I happened to interact with him for his query. I wouldn't have guessed that he'll become an epic dev/modder for TL2! It's an exciting feeling but at the same time makes me feel ancient. :D

It's kind of true though, I was able to play TL2 back in 2012, few weeks of its release because I'm a big fan of TL1. What I didn't know back then that modding TL2, was going to be the game for me. Best thing happened too because till now, mods are still unbounded and I'm still able to contribute some.

I did a few mods back then too and I was supposed to share them at Runic's official forum but making an account there prohibits me on my intentions. That's why I made RGF my home instead. Now, I got Steam Workshop and this collaborative group of unique individuals, the Torchmodders. I couldn't be more grateful.

So yeah, I'm Doudley and hello everyone!

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