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Lord Nyriox's Playground / Re: [SCRIPT] Automatic Mesh Rebuilding
« on: May 22, 2020, 03:33:07 am »
Thanks for these scripts @Lord Nyriox. They saved me a ton of time right now.

That is great to hear, @Kva3imoda!

I may one day come back and clean my scripts up (i.e. add proper variables and better documentation).  But I am glad that even in its incomplete state, my TL2 toolchain has proven useful for you. 

P.S.  For now, I will be locking all my forum topics while I am away.

Thank you so very much for all your support!

Modding Questions / Re: Will these plans be even possible to do?
« on: October 14, 2019, 05:17:18 pm »
Welcome to TorchModders, @Saber!  I remember being in your shoes a couple of years ago.

Most of your suggested changes should be doable, but there are a couple of ideas that will not work due to hardcoded mechanics.

Lower player's spells from 4 to 1 and pet's from 4 to 0.

Unfortunately, this one will not work due to the hardcoded nature of the "LEARN SKILL" effect (which the spell system uses to function).  Many skilled modders have tried to change the spell slot limits, and have all failed.

It might be different in this case, since you are planning to reduce the number of available spell slots (most prior efforts were to add spell slots instead)—but I still sincerely doubt your goal is possible.

- Remove Skill points from Fame levels and change them into Fame Points.

- Fame points can only be spent on General Passives.

The relationship between skill investment and the vanilla "skill points" stat is also hardcoded.  You literally cannot change the base rank of a skill without investing actual "skill points" in it.

There are workarounds once a skill is at least Level 1, but "boosting" passive skills in these ways has been shown to sometimes cause glitches and game performance problems (i.e. a major FPS hit with certain passives).

Lord Nyriox's Playground / [TOOL] TLDatLexer for NPP x64
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:59:48 am »
VS2017 Version for modern Notepad++

I rebuilt @Jarcho's TLDatLexer plugin using VS2017, with Notepad++ 7.6.x as a base.

While I was at it, I added an x64 build for 64-bit Notepad++ users.

Project Repository:

Lord Nyriox's Playground / [CLASS] Emberdrake V2
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:49:59 pm »
Emberdrake Class:  Version 2

This project is my second attempt to make a more or less lore-friendly dragon class for TL2. 

This time around, I am building the class on top of @Chthon's "Lesser Dragons" mod.  I figure that elementally-enhanced dragon skills should be a good starting point for an Ember-infused dragon.

Lore-wise, I have rewritten the class concept for better consistency with other lore sources (thanks @Kva3imoda!).  It is a little more vague this time around; I may flesh it out more later.

New Lore

Scholars tell us that dragons are all but gone from the world.  That long ago, after the dwarves died out, a cult of Estherian zealots found enchained dragons—which the dwarves had once used as a source of magic—and in a twisted sort of worship, fed them tainted Ember, turning the dragons mad with corruption.  When these maddened dragons inevitably became too dangerous to keep, the Estherians slaughtered them, leaving only the revenants now known as Spectral Dragons.

Until the turmoil in the town of Torchlight, most would indeed call the dragons endangered, if not outright extinct.  Certainly until that point, no one had seen a living dragon for years—or at least no one who lived to tell the tale.

Since the fall of Ordrak however, more than one Vanquisher has reported strange, twisted dragons lurking in the Morgrunn Mountains and Estherian Range.

When attacked, these dragons would defend themselves with both martial skill and powerful magic, before slipping from combat though enchanted portals.  When spoken to, these dragons would respond briefly in the common tongue, then leave abruptly to unknown business.

Given the region and timing of these creatures' appearance, some scholars have suggested that these dragons may be searching for Ordrak's remains—though to what purpose most hesitate to guess.

Given the evident similarity between these dragons' abilities and the power of alchemy, Vanquisher reports have come to call these dragons "Emberdrakes"—and at present, Empire authority considers them a neutral, rather than hostile, force.  Whether they manage to prove otherwise, only time will tell.

     – On Emberdrakes, unknown author

Download Links:
  • TBA

Lord Nyriox's Playground / Re: [CLASS] Emberdrake
« on: January 21, 2019, 09:08:23 pm »
Emberdrake Project Suspended

I realize now that I had made a significant miscalculation, when I insisted on making the Emberdrake class my first TL2 mod. 

In particular, there is not really much of a "central theme" to the class, as of this moment.  It fights like Ordrak on steroids, dies like a wuss (in casual mode no less), and needs serious debugging on every single one of its skills—all because I was clueless about TL modding when I dreamed it up. 

I am seriously considering rebuilding the whole class project from scratch—because that would truly be easier than trying to manually fix the million and two things I managed to break in my cluelessness.

Lore-wise, the class is a mess as well.  When I started the class concept, I had barely read any official TL2 lore (let alone actually played the game), and thought I could tie my concept in to random half-understood snippets.  At no time was this more apparent than when I tried to defend my ideas against @Kva3imoda, perfectionist and lore nut—and managed to somehow sound more deranged than clever.

Effective immediately, I am suspending the Emberdrake project, in favor of developing some variation on the concept that integrates properly with both gameplay and lore. 

If you have any ideas on how to believably frame a playable dragon in TL lore…now is the time to bring it up.

Pet Variants Mod / Re: Pet Variants Mod
« on: January 20, 2019, 10:59:51 pm »
Which can make a pet grow & get skills when it reaches every certain level. That way you don't need to give skills one by one to each Pet in the Pet Variant. ;)

Honestly, that sounds more complicated than simply "gating" 1-2 vanilla monster Skills (per pet) to character level.

Mind you, I am uncertain if [AI] blocks (a StatWatcher variant, which enables / disables monster Skills based on environmental parameters) support Character Level as an input.  It might be worth a shot.

Pet Variants Mod / Re: Pet Variants Mod
« on: January 19, 2019, 08:51:30 am »
Something I have to say, I have to keep the mod Variant to a reasonable size so I may have to recompress some files.

@Korzeam:  I will go ahead and re-prep my textures from source, then.

DXT5, without mipmaps, correct?

And for the dragons I'm not going to implement them all, these files are particularly big.

To save you some trouble, I will eliminate the subtler color variants from the archive (they annoy me too).  That should leave you with 4-6 additional dragon textures, at most.

Pet Variants Mod / Re: Pet Variants Mod
« on: January 19, 2019, 03:37:04 am »
Woww :o ... this is so cool. Thank you @Lord Nyriox

I performed a variation of the same process that I used to make the new Emberdrake textures. 

I color-enhanced and contrast-enhanced the vanilla hawk texture (resulting in that two-one "red hawk" texture), then ran Ostagram on the resulting textures, based on a set of templates that I had catalogued months ago.

With this Variant Pet will gets a new skin for Pet Hawk.

That one is up to @Korzeam.  I am still waiting for him to integrate more of my previous dragon textures.

FYI, for some strange reason, Windows Photo Viewer has trouble loading uncompressed DDS images (which mine all are).  You can preview uncompressed DDS textures using a 3rd party viewer, such as the lightweight "Windows Texture Viewer".

Pet Variants Mod / Re: Pet Variants Mod
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:26:06 pm »
Can you also make Phoenix skin texture for Pet Hawk?

Ask, and ye shall receive...

...all in uncompressed DDS format.

Pet Variants Mod / Re: Pet Variants Mod
« on: January 17, 2019, 06:44:40 am »
4 of your old dragon skins are already in my mod, and you have been credited for them on Steam Workshop.

@Korzeam:  The only dragon skins of mine in the Variant Pets mod, are several variants of the Emberdrake textures.

However, a few years back, when I was trying to backport Vyrax to TL1, I created several "pampered" variants of the vanilla dragon texture, explicitly intended for use in dragon pets. 

For those textures, I carefully filled in the scars in the wing membranes, gave the eyes a little more definition, and even—for some of them—added a line of scales over the back of the wings (along their fold-points).  Then I carefully tinted the resultant textures to several different color variations.

None of those "pampered dragon" textures are in your Variant Pets mod…but I am lobbying for their inclusion.  Please?

[gives puppy-dog eyes]

Pet Variants Mod / Re: Pet Variants Mod
« on: January 17, 2019, 01:32:15 am »
I can't promise anything but maybe I'll try next week-end.
I'm not an expert neither.

For what it's worth, I guarantee you will be better than me at it.  I have no idea how to get a portrait-appropriate screenshot at all, let alone crop it for the frame.

new skin textures for dragons made by @Lord Nyriox

Frankly, I would rather see my older dragon skins be included in the Variant Pets mod.  I have a dozen or so nice-looking dragon skins that I am not actually using (which I originally designed for use as pet skins anyway).

@Korzeam:  I have attached my numerous dragon skins to this post for convenience (along with the CloudDancer skin).  I would be overjoyed to see them added to your Variant Pets mod. 


Pet Variants Mod / Re: Pet Variants Mod
« on: January 16, 2019, 07:55:16 pm »

I hate having to ask for help with this, but is there any chance you can produce a set of "dragon portrait" icons, using my new Emberdrake textures?

I really do not know how you manage to create all these custom portraits—but I could sure use the help making proper icons for the class.



Mod Showcase / Re: Playable Zealot
« on: January 08, 2019, 06:55:49 pm »
Making the zealot model wardrobe-able is a LOT of work I'm afraid.  There are just so many armor meshes to refit to her frame.

You could always simply use the TL1 Vindicator model, and duplicate its original Wardrobe meshes who knows how many times.  ;}

That is assuming that the existing Wardrobe can be ported in that way, of course.

FYI, if you want to dodge implementing the Wardrobe entirely, you could simply move all the files from the Vindicator's Wardrobe folder into its base Model folder, and call one of the individual "Set" meshes in place of the base one.

I have yet to test it in-game, but it works perfectly in @Dusho's TL Mesh Viewer.  Updating the animation-set to the TL2 format (using the duplication method you described) will take the most time.

I will do the work, if you are interested.  I could use the model for some of my own projects, anyway.

Lord Nyriox's Playground / [TL2] Ultra Respec
« on: January 07, 2019, 06:59:19 pm »
Announcing…Ultra Respec!

"Ultra Respec" is an expansion project for "Ultimate Respec Lite", with an emphasis on feature enhancements (that may or may not actually be lightweight).

When it is ready, the mod will add Stat-point Elixirs (like @Lightfuzion's "Stat Potion" mod or @greasymok's "Elixirs of Power" mod) to the General Merchant inventory, in +1 (~10,000g), +10 (~100,000g), and +100 (~1,000,000g) levels of quality.  I took the icons and text-color from "Elixirs of Power", but the item coding is a hybrid of my own design.

In addition, I have begun work on expanding the "Ultimate Respec" UI, to cover additional features that I would like to see added.  As far as that goes, I am adding a "Reset All Stats" button to the main UI (which should simulate pressing all the negative Re-stat buttons), and possibly even the stat-rollovers from the vanilla Stats page.

Download Links:

I will post some screenshots once the UI design is more or less finalized.

Lord Nyriox's Playground / Re: [TL2] Ultimate Respec Lite
« on: January 07, 2019, 06:07:17 pm »
Ugh, I have run into a roadblock on my "Buy Statpoints" project.
You know what?  Fperj it.

I am reverting my prior UI tweaks, in favor of an easier (and more useful) set of changes.

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