Torchmodders Discord

Please read, thanks.

Torchmodders was started in 2014 and nowadays there’s just a handful of modders left. Mainly we use the discord for hanging out, getting ideas and inputs or asking a modding question when we’re tinkering with something and get stuck.

If you’re joining to get help with making mods I can confidently say we will do the best we can to get you up to speed, but honestly the most important success factor is going to be your own desire to learn the modding methods and tools and your determination to stick with it, because the learning curve is quite steep.

If you’re joining to ask modders to make stuff for you someone might agree, but don’t feel bad if you don’t get much interest from the group. Modding demands time and desire, both of which are hard to come by for a hobby you’re balancing against real-life stuff. You’re still welcome to join though!